Thursday, July 26, 2007

Has our holiness Art Hebert been moonlighting?

I know it seems that as busy as Art has been with the USS BOSTON Shipmates, Inc. he still has time to fulfill his more public duties as the 13th Bishop of Buffalo, NY. Of course, switching time between Buffalo, NY and Amherst. NH can be quite a challenge, so while in Western New York he maintains his residence in Amherst, NY so to avoid any slip-up he can truthfully and proudly say: "Of course, I live in Amherst!"

Of course, I've known about this for the last several years but didn't want to let on because perhaps he has not told his wife Nancy about his his other vocation....or is it that he hasn't told the Catholic Church about Nancy? gets too confusing doesn't it!

So, to keep things straight, be sure to address Art the next time you see him as "His Holiness" or "Blessed Father, thou Art"

One thing is for certain, if Art & Nancy plan on visiting Buffalo, NY anytime soon Art will be revered by all of Western New York and whatever establishment he visits, they might just roll out the Red carpet for him and he might just get a few free meals from some of the best restaurants in the area! ...That is if he chooses to offer his personal blessing on their business!

See: The Bishop Kmiec Website

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fowl Language Shipmates!

What do you get when you put a bunch of Boston Shipmates who are old Navy vets and their families together in an Amphibious vehicle called a "DUCK"?

Answer: You get A Bunch of Saltine-Quackers!!

Seriously folks, we all donned our "Fowl-Weather Gear" and the driver put that Duck "In gear" and away we went!

Now they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one would hardly be a feather-in-my-cap if it wasn't for the fact that we were all just "ducky" about the ride! ...we of course, all had "a wheel good time" too!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wes caught in a Red dress

This photo shows our dear Wesley indeed wearing a red dress at the reunion! If only others were there to see it!

Wes. you really do look good in red and pumps!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One Good Turn Deserves Another!

Wesley and Ray discussing the finer aspects of blogging over a few drinks!

Ray points out that his glass is empty, but Wesley reminds Ray that it is still half-full. "Full of what?" says Ray.

"Hot Air" says Wesley.

"Too bad Stubby isn't here, he'll bite you for saying that."

You know, taking a dog on a walk without legs can be a real drag.... Right Ray?


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tennessee Headline: Granny Proofed, Denied Drink!!

This 87 year old Great-Grandmother walked, with the aid of her walker into a hotel bar last night in Memphis, TN and was proofed for her age. Unable to show proof that she was over 21 years old, she was denied service!

"All I wanted was a glass of sherry to help me wash down a piece of toast with my evening medications" she was heard replying to the bartender and told the Judge. She explained that she had her social security card, her Sears charge card some pictures of her grandchildren in her purse, but no license because she stopped driving when she turned eighty years old and has turned it in.

"I don't think I've every been asked to show my age before to buy a drink, this is absurd" she remarked. "I was probably drinking straight bourbon before you were a twinkle in your grandparents eyes!" she sarcastically explained to the bartender. "Would you rather I jump up on the bar, strip naked and dance for you first?" she sarcastically added, "Is that what you want?"

Following that remark, the police were notified and she was arrested for indecent exposure, however the charges were eventually dropped because she never really did take off her clothing, only threatened to do so, which in not a chargeable offense in Tennessee.

"I'd like to kick the jerk in the ass who suggested this stupid law!" she remarked as she was led out of the courtroom.