Saturday, November 28, 2009

So busy this time of year!

I just wanted to take the time and let everyone know that I have launched a new blog: Buffalo Pottery Faces, which, for the lack of a better name will have to do for now. I first started with pottery while I was aboard the USS BOSTON during its pre-commissioned days. Interesting then, what started out as a curiosity, grew into an interest, and soon the mugs I was making proved to be in demand by all who saw my work then.
Now, after 26 years of inactivity with pottery, I am re-establishing my technique. Curious, I think, that it corresponds with the remains of the sail being on display from that same USS BOSTON here at the Naval Park in Buffalo. I'm sure that I'm trying to make connections where none exist, but this is after all the USS BOSTON blog...

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Updating can be so tedious and time consuming!

I know, life can be soooo STRESSFUL at times! That's why we each need to learn to settle down, and find our "center" with a bit of meditation and deep quiet thoughts. Unlike my disturbed friend here (shown above) he was quickly off-center and because of that, he is stressed-out to this day! One must find inner peace, but first you must make that self-discovery! It seems like ages ago sometimes, but after about a 25 year break, I once again found myself in the position, due in part to the economy, of picking-up some clay and working once again on a wheel. Probably something I have should have NEVER stopped doing. I believe that working with clay can be very meditative and relaxing. As you center the clay on the wheel, you seek center or "balance" within yourself. It is a therapy and lesson in life! Then as you coax and guide the clay on the wheel, you find yourself giving it form and shape until (after some practice this becomes easier) the clay matures much like a growing child.

May your children not be as stressed-out at this fellow!

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