Thursday, November 30, 2006

Okay...I'm back to work!

Well, the doctor gave me clearance to return to work today, he also said he had to take a larger chunk out of my miniscus then he originally thought! Then he compaired my meniscus to a piece of burber carpet!! I guess what I'm supposed to have should look like a piece of smooth linolium, you know, like those turkey bone you pull apart! That's what cartelige is supposed to look like, but mine looks more like a piece of burber carpet!!!!

...Just don't try wiping your feet on my Burber!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Countdown to Turkey Day!!!

Some days you just wish you didn't have X-RAY VISION...
Other days you wish we could just Talk-Turkey all day!!

I sure hope you Thanksgiving day meal doesn't "run afowl"


Monday, November 13, 2006

This Blog will be Temporarily Disabled

(Yup, that's my knee shown above)
Temporarily Disabled due to pending Knee Surgery

I won't say "Tear"-able things about your knees, if you don't say terrible things about mine!

Temporarily Disabled due to pending Knee don't get-outta-joint!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

No Matter Which Way the Political Winds Blow...

...their breath smells the same!

I know, call me a "Political Curmudgeon" but the truth is whatever political party is in power, ultimately, it corrupts itself. The pendulum swings from left, to right and now back to left, but those of us stuck in the center see the pitfalls of the extremes and just shake our heads.

It is human nature, or the fact that the temptations of the office prey off human character flaws that we all possess? But there is also the hypocritical nature of their platforms too. After all, how can a party claim to be "Conservative" yet they have driven-up the deficit to record levels? Now "Conservative" is supposed to be "one who conserves" as in our natural resources or fiscally responsibility too, yet we all know how this does not fit the picture of reality. But the reality of the situation is the other party isn't much different either. So, go figure!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"What Me Worry?" So says Alfred E. "Dubbaya" Newman...Guaranteed!!

Wikipedia, the highly respected on-line encyclopedia provides the following article on the company, Diabold that makes the voting machines.

...I mean, I don't mean to let Karl Rove's "Little Secret" out-of-the bag but....

The Republican Party has reasons to be so confident, they simply cannot lose control of Congress and the Senate!! It's a sure thing, it's "in the bag" they say.

The Republican Party can "count" on Diebold to deliver; it's that plain & simple enough.

Because there is nothing the Democrats can do about it either!