Saturday, April 29, 2006

Okay, What should I do? Go with the NEW or the OLD?

You know, I spent about $600 on a new "comfortable" riding hybrid bicycle and about $50 upgrading and repairing my ancient (35-year old) 10-speed bicycle. The problem is this: The 10-speed rides faster AND easier over the long distance, although the NEW 27-speed hybrid handles better and rides smoother it's only marginally easier on my butt, plus is has all the updates in technology. Should I go with the old or the new?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Memorable photographs...

Here's a photo of one of my favorite get-away-spots, Algonquin Provincial Park "Up North" in Ontario, Canada (near Sudbury, Ontario) I'll be headed up there this Memorial Day Weekend!!!
Here's a photo I took of Yosemite Valley and Half Dome in September of 2000, so many beautiful picture-perfect spots out there!
Here's another view from almost 10,000 feet high taken in Yosemite Park (Dog Lake) in September 2000. I tell you, high-altitude hiking takes a lot out of you!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me! I Smell Like a Tree! (With wood pulp and termites) Happy Birthday to Me!

Arrgh! I'm SO Embarrassed I can't even show my face!!

Anyways. it would probably break the camera if I did! "...Smell like a tree" huh? Must be my bark is worse then my bite! ...Or does that line go "against the grain" then? Doesn't? I thought it wood knot.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Dang it Mabel! I told you we should've turned right back thare!!

"Honey, are you SURE you didn't flood the engine?

Well, these people look lost don't they? Actually, they were just launched off an Aircraft carrier as shown in another unmentioned blog! That's the CO and the Admiral in front with their wives in the back giving directions. It seems they just wanted to take their wives on a quiet night out "on the town" at some resturant in town but mistook a blinking red buoy for a stop light.

Now this is how you pick-up girls and take her on the "hot" memorable date! "Oh come on baby, I'll take you for a ride you'll never forget!!" he added. "You'll get so excited, you'll get wet!"

....Little did she know what she had in store for herself!!

Where IS his date in this picture you ask? Well, she got car-sick (or is that "sea-sick") in a major way and is loosing her cookies on the passenger side floor. So much for that cozy romantic day driving! The smell of bile and barf in your +$100K car kinda' ruins the mood if you ask me. Time for him to drop her and find some other "sweet young thang" who is a little more perky and has a stronger stomach. Did she get "wet" you ask? Yeah, but not the way she thought he meant.
Now this guy here likes to take his car for a real ride! As a matter of fact, he can't keep a date in the seat, she bounced out a few miles back with her life vest on! Ah, the joys of dating in the 21st century!!!
Looks like this guy finally found another date! But this time she's safely riding WAY BEHIND
...Smart move if you ask me!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Today's "Guess the photo Contest"

Okay, who know when this was taken?
How about this picture? Can you identify the other ship next to the BOSTON?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Long Ago, in a Far and distant land, on this day BOSTON (SSN-703) was Launched!!! Happy 26th Birthday SSN-703!!!

It seems like such a distant event, but this morning I stayed in bed and decided that at 7:03am this morning I would get up on this special anniversary. I rode that boat down the ways that day as did so many others, what a memorable and beautiful day it was too, perfect for a launch!

Something about the "19th" has been a special day in the history of namesakes of BOSTON, let us pause for a moment today to reflect upon all those fine vessels that have gone before us bearing the proud name of BOSTON!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Is this Another "Fine Navy Day" or NOT?

Okay, who here knows anything about this photo? The Navy will offer a free colonoscopy to the first person who correctly identifies this picture and when it was taken.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Maunday morning! IS Maunday Thursday afterall!

BTW: Checkout THIS LINK it IS a riot!
I can't belive it! I actually bought a new Bicycle on Thursday! More on that during my next post.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mid-Week Blues! ...or a Bicyclers Lament?

Well, I'm not doin' wheel-well today because I went to replace the rear wheel rim only to find that the rim the bike shop sold me is too small! damn it! I took the thing back, after already removing old rim, tire and inner tube only to find that he has to order one from the supplier because he is out-of-stock! So, training is on hold for the next week or so until I get a new wheel rim for my relic-of-the-past 10-speed!

"...So, how do I get these gears off anyways?" I asked. It seems that they have a specialized tool to remove that rear gear set, but they don't tell you that when you buy the rim either!

Now, since I am still looking for a new bicycle, this just might be the nail that seals the coffin on my "Mean, Lime-Green, Two-Wheeled Ridin' Machine" for a while.

...I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

About Bicycle Repair and technology

You know, bicycle technology sure has changed since I last went looking for a new bicycle!
Keep in mind the last time I bought a bicycle was when 10-speed racers were "state-of-the-art". Now they have "mountain" bikes, "racing" bikes, "touring" bikes, "recumbent" bikes that are sometimes called "bent" bikes. (Now don't say you didn't learn something here!) heck, they even have "hybrid" bicycles that are a cross between a mountain bike and a touring bike.

Now lets talk about gears, I always thought 10-speeds were enough, but you simply can't find a bike anywhere with anything less then 15 gears (that's on a "youth" bike!) adult bikes start at no less then eighteen gears and 27 or 30 gears are not uncommon! Bikes today have front AND rear suspension, some have a mid-frame suspension too, they have "smart" shifters, "gel" seats to soothe that painful ride!
They even have front and rear disc brakes, both cable and hydraulic systems! Why the heck do you need hydraulic brakes on a bicycle?
Anyway, it looks like I'm starting from "scratch" when it comes to searching for a new bicycle because I'm so technologically behind the times here that I just don't know what I'm going to get!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Fire when ready!

Okay, so I didn't post this weekend! I was busy with so much stuff that there just was not time. Anyway, I went searching for a new bicycle (still not found one REALLY like yet)

I hope you like this picture of the CAG-1 taken NOV 24 1964. Who reading this was aboard her during that time?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today is Over-The-Hump Day!!

So, are you one of those "Over-The-Hump" or one of those who is under the hump? Sometimes I feel like there is so much going on, that the hump is piled high on top of me.

Today is going to be interesting in that I have to get ready for one of those "procedures" where you have to fast for a couple of days before you go into the hospital. During the procedure they roll you in, hook your bottom up to high-pressure air and inflate to 30 psi. If that is not bad enough, they stick a tube with a camera attached to the end probe all the way through and you get to watch what it looks like "where the sun don't ever shine", but it gets worse still!
Do they just pull it out when they have gone all the way through you? Oh no! They have to turn it around INSIDE you; then inflate you to 45 psi and watch for air leaks as they watch while the camera is facing the other direction! During the whole time you feel like a human balloon while issuing abnoxious sounds from your bottom! You feel like a rubber duck about to explode!

Imagine for a moment, the sound of high pressure air coming out of a balloon, but it's not a balloon, it's coming from between your cheeks! (...You know, what cheeks I mean, the cheeks without lips!) You kinda' feel like the Michelin Tire character, but all pink and bloated.

So in celebration of the event I have written a little ditty based upon a popular old song:

While strollin' though my rectum one day,
Past some very hairy cheeks some say,
I was taken by surprise, by that camera in disguise,
When the doctor stuck it in and said; "Olay!"

Oh, how it hurt when she started to pump me up!
Oh, the pain, when she inflated up my rump,
I was in such agony, surely I was gonna pee!
Or just go.....pop!

While strollin' through my colon that day,
I could see right through to my organs to my dismay,
On the TV screen I spied, it was like seeing a sausage from inside,
I yelled; My God, I see my organs!" or so I cried!

Oh, the pain on seeing such a view,
How that camera turned the corner in me I haven't got a clue,
My god, my liver from inside me it looks blue!
I hope this is over soon, because I don't know what to do,

While strollin' past my kidneys that day,
She said "we're almost done." I yelled "hooray!"
Then that tube came out like a cork,
And the air rushed out like squeeling pork!

...While strollin' in my colon one day!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Okay, Rise and Shine! Time to get outta' your bunk!

Okay! Everybody, time to get up! It's Tuesday and we all have work to do! Put down those earphone and put on your sound-powered phones, because it time to drill, drill, drill! No son, I'm not talking power tools either!

Monday, April 03, 2006

What an Ugly Monday morning!!!!

This GAL is ready for her "Monday Morning Kiss!' (Pucker-up guys!)
Don't worry guys, her profile says she's "HOT" under the covers....way under!
This lady could just grab you gave you a night you would NEVER forget!
Here's a "Perky Little Thing" that's looking for the special little fireplug in bed!
This woman has a real NOSE for men, so if you have the fetish, she has the nose!
This gal just turned 25, or so it says in her profile.
Quite the perky little thing, eh guys?

This "Babe" is giving that sexy look, just for you!
There's more to love with her too!

This gal says she's a natural blonde, but you have to try her in bed first to be sure.
This gals nickname is "Happy Wanda"
I bet you guys will "Wanda" why couldn't find a love like hers before!

Yes indeed! "" is looking for a few men for these beauties! They are willing and enthusiastic bundles of love just waiting for the right man to come along. Okay, so they have had to "lower the bar" a bit as their standards go, but with them it will be puppy-dog love!

These are some womens waiting to fulfill your every fantasy without question!